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The company “Aldera” has worked for more then 17 years, supplying stomatological equipment, instruments and consumables.
All the while we’ve been monitoring the development of dental industry in order to include the latest invitations for dentists and dentalprothetists in our line of goods.  We share our knowledge with our partners with great pleasure.
We regularly publish articles about new stomatological equipment in medias and on the Internet.
Our website has very detailed information about many goods thus helping specialist to get quick and easy access to the technical data of the goods they need.
Our company provides not only the delivery of goods but their starting-up and adjustment.
All the services are completed by highly skilled specialists; they have large experience and cope easily both with a delivery of a device as well as a complex tooling of dental institutions under turnkey contracts.
We will be glad to see You among our partners.
The Advantages of working with us:
  1. We permanently work at the broadening of our line of goods and at the providing our clients  with the most comfortable conditions of work
  2. We provide  a lot of ways of making an order: via phone, fax, email, on the website using the quick order, via chat and  return call
  3. A wide range of goods allows buying everything at once. The automation of order processing makes the process of ordering quick and comfortable
  4. A lot of articles on the website help to learn more details about  goods
  5. The service of comparing goods helps to make the right choice
  6. We can quickly send all the certificates and instructions in Russian via email
  7. We work with all transport companies  so we can make a delivery to any Russian town
  8. We provide our clients with all the information about their order and send letters of advice concerning the state of their order
  9. The worked out system of order processing gives the complete follow-up of our contacts with a client.
That’s why thousands of private and state companies work with us.
Addr.: 141070, Russian Federation, Moscow Region, Korolev city, Oktyabrskaya str., 5
Email: info@aldera.ru
Tel: +7(495)516-05-32
Fax: +7(498)678-60-92
Sincerely yours,
Lukyanova Anna
General Director

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